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Spa and Massage

Indian Scalp
  • warmed scented oils trickled and massaged into the scalp to relieve tension and soothe both mind and body
  • forearm long-stroke movements softly pressured upon the body to stimulate the lymphatic system and induce intense relaxation
  • strong-hand action upon bodily pressure points to stimulate blood circulation and revive low energy levels
Iced or Hot Stone
  • iced or hot palm-sized stones and cool aromatic oils are gently massaged over the body to ease tension and induce comfort
Aromatherapy Oil
  • exotic aroma oils are smoothed over acupuncture points of the body to sooth you into deep relaxation
Siam Oil
  • a Royal Thai massage with herbal compress and herbal oil that relieves fatigue and greatly increases energy levels
Royal Thai
  • A firm massage without use of oils concentrating on the 10 central energy points of the body and ending with a warm herbal compress

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